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February 26, 2013
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The Witches of Oz by Sylrien The Witches of Oz by Sylrien
In Oz if you were to travel to any of the four points of the compass you would find a witch who rules their land. Two wicked and two good though all four are sisters.

Sienna resides in the eastern Munchkin Country. She rules her hand with an iron fist, utilizing magic and torture to keep her subjects in line while ravaging the land with plagues and disasters. She was once good though, ruling the munchkins as a kind benefactor and she was loved by her people; this all changed when she received a gift from her western sister, a cursed gift: silver slippers. She once tried to court a munchkin woodcutter though her attempts at seducing the man failed and in retaliation to his rejection she laid a curse upon his axe. Her magical strength lies in manipulating the weather and unbeknownst to her this will be her undoing.

Ravenna resides in the western Winkie Country. She too rules her land with cruelty though takes little interest in using torture or magic against her subjects for they live in a desert, subject to the sun's overbearing heat and being privy to little food or water. She was the first of her sisters to become wicked, though it was a choice she made after having been crowned a wicked witch by the Wizard of Oz whom she had been waging a war against, demanding the true ruler be placed on the throne of the Emerald City. She fears the prophecy of Dorothea which says a girl will descend from the heavens and lead the people of Oz against the Wicked Witches. Her magical strength is death and this is reflected in her familiars: crows, wolves and deadly bees.

Glinda resides in the southern Quadling Country. In comparison to her wicked sisters she is a saint sent from the heavens. She is benevolent and kind, willing to do anything in her power to ensure that her people do not suffer. She was also devoted to serving the mother of Ozma, though upon the Wizard taking the throne she refused to fight against him after seeing where Ravenna wound up doing just that thing. She has been on a personal search of Oz in order to find the true Queen and hasn't been seen outside her palace in years. Her magic is equal in power to that of Ravenna's and her strength is life and light.

Locasta resides in the northern Gillikin Country. She is the youngest of the four sisters and the humblest, instead of residing in the castle of the Gillikin Country's ruler she makes her home in a moderately sized cottage and refusing any riches offered to her. She is currently involved in a battle against her sister Sienna in an attempt to free the munchkins from their tyrant. As the youngest Locasta isn't as powerful as her sisters when it comes to magic and as such she still suffers some of the consequences of magic, any spell that is beyond her abilities inflicts a physical and mental toll on her and when Dorothy Gale was caught up in the tornado summoned by Sienna it was Locasta who breathed life back into the young girl though at the cost of a portion of her own life resulting in her older appearance and silver hair.
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LamourDanimer Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Student General Artist
So cool! Ravenna looks a little like Michelle Pfeiffer haha. Can't wait to see more Oz stuff from you!
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Thank you darlin' XD The Dorothy and her trio are up next
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